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Large or small removals carried out with competence and care

With ever changing life patterns and the ease in which we can all move from UK life to Spanish life and back again, the need to provide fast, affordable removal solutions has become a necessity.

People are making last minute decisions these days and we have had to adapt to this. Here at SilverFox Removals we know that once you have made up your mind to move back to the UK or make the move to Spain then you are wanting to get on with it and make arrangements.

We endeavour to give you a quote within the same day or pay you a visit the next day (in Spain).

We have a truck making the round trip at least once a month and sometimes we have the smaller truck making "mini-trips" in between. If your consignment is urgent, if we have space and the truck is in the right place then we will do all we can to help you.

We can collect anytime to suit your dates and storage is free until the truck is ready to deliver in the next destination. If you need longer storage, no problem, see our storage section.

We have someone in the UK always so it is not a case of having to wait until the next time we are there, collections can be done and stored until the next departure.

France, Belgium, Holland, Germany or Switzerland. We can do them all. And beyond!